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Here’s some information on the procedure that is gaining acceptance and popularity throughout the world.

Depending on sperm and egg sources, different cases of surrogacy fall under different categories.

Gestational Surrogacy Vs. Traditional Surrogacy

Types of Surrogacy




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Types of surrogacy explained:

Traditional Surrogacy: In this method surrogate’s own eggs and another man’s sperm are used. It is done via artificial insemination. It is also known as Natural Surrogacy.
  • Surrogacy laws & medical ethics boards in many countries, including India and USA, do not consent to this practice
Gestational Surrogacy: In this, fertilized eggs from a third party donor or the intending mother are implanted into the surrogate's uterus. This is done by in vitro fertilization.
The woman hired to carry the pregnancy to delivery has no genetic relationship with the embryo, which is transferred to her uterus. When done for financial reasons, the arrangement is known as commercial surrogacy.

People mostly opt for gestational surrogacy because:
  • Natural (Traditional) Surrogacy is illegal in most countries.
  • In case of natural surrogacy the intending mother is not genetically related to the off spring.
  • Since the baby is genetically related to the surrogate in natural surrogacy, the surrogate may have potential emotional attachment with the child, and consequent reluctance to part with him. Also, it may lead to medico-legal issues.

Possible Scenarios that call for Surrogacy:
  1. Single Men
  2. The woman had the uterus removed because of some medical reasons.
  3. The woman cannot carry the baby due to some medical condition.
  4. Husband has low sperm count
  5. Woman’s ovaries are producing eggs but she does not have uterus
  6. Woman’s uterus is malformed or damaged and is incapable of carrying a pregnancy to term
  7. Woman is suffering from medical problems such as diabetes, heart and kidney diseases and pregnancy in her would be life threatening.
  8. Repeated miscarriages
  9. Woman’s ovaries are non-functioning due to premature menopause
  10. Woman has some genetic disease, which may be passed to her offspring
Besides these, there may be a few other situations in which people opt for surrogacy.

Check which Surrogacy Scenario applies to your case:

Surrogacy Scenario

Individual transcendence beautifully culminates in reproduction. If we refuse to pass on our DNA to our offsprings, life would come to end with us. Having a child is a life-changing experience for most people; SurrogacyClinics, with its vast network of skilled professionals, assists you in making it a smooth process.

Pregnancy is not possible for everyone. Couples keen to take the first steps on the path of parenthood, or singles seeking the joys of bringing up a young life are taking the help of surrogate mothers in India, Armenia, Ukraine, and other places, to realize their parenthood dreams.

Individuals and couples, who have tried and failed to get pregnant, often seek solace in surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman is hired to carry and deliver a child for a couple or for some individual. The process has been under controversies, and is not legal in all places.

Gay surrogacy in Armenia and India is allowed, so singles and LGBT couples can make surrogacy clients in these countries.

Surrogacy Clinics can help you get in touch with reputed gay surrogacy agencies in India and Armenia. However, only married couples are accepted in Ukraine and Georgia.

Those who opt for surrogacy in Ukraine, are also allowed gender selection of the baby.

Who opts for surrogacy?

The social parents (who intend to raise the child) may choose to arrange a surrogate pregnancy because of their inability to go about it the natural way. It could be because of various reasons including female infertility, or other medical issues which may make the pregnancy or delivery impossible, risky, or otherwise objectionable for the female or the child.

Couples often opt for surrogacy because of their own failure to conceive due to a missing or abnormal uterus, multiple pregnancy losses, or several failed attempts at in vitro fertilization.

In some cases, the social mother, despite being fertile and healthy, opts to arrange for a surrogate only because it allows her the convenience of avoiding pregnancy, labor, and delivery pains. However, this type of surrogacy arrangement is not legally accepted in most places.

The intended parent could also be a single man or woman, who wishes to parent a child that is biologically his own. Surrogacy also allows same-sex couples to take on parenthood by adding a new member to their lives.

To be able to make confident decisions about surrogacy and find the right surrogate, you will need to get in touch with trusted and experienced healthcare professionals. SurrogacyClinics helps you get an easy access to our wide network of distinguished surgeons, doctors, and medical specialists to help you add to your family with a safe and comfortable surrogacy.

Before proceeding with surrogacy, you will need accurate information from experts you can trust. To help you get an easy access to such information, SurrogacyClinics provides a direct link to highly regarded medical professionals.

Before participating in the procedure, one must appoint an experienced / competent surrogacy lawyer to avoid legal complications.

Browse through the portal to find the services that best meet your requirements, and then easily sit back while our experts do the rest.

The ride begins from the moment you decide to have a baby and goes on till you have a little life in your arms to take back home, and SurrogacyClinics strives to make it a pleasant and delightful journey for you.

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