Australian Gay Men – Surrogacy in India

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This video testimonial talks about Australian gay men – surrogacy in India experience.



Following is the video narration.


“The emotions for the first few months were just of nervousness and not sure because like every expecting parent we had gone through the process of collection of the eggs – were they going to be good quality eggs? Leaving the sperm samples – will they develop in the embryos? Will the embryos be good quality enough for transplant? Will the transplant take and turn into pregnancy?


So every step along though I was sitting on …pretty tense but there of course at every step when you hear that you were successful so you can cross one sort of mark, benchmark or I should say one stage is out and then you go to the next step and you get through that and the next and then you get through that. So it’s been a long process.


It seemed like it would never end but now it’s over, it went by very quick …so we have been getting the monthly reports. It was just like any parent – you are excited and you are nervous and you are relieved when the doctor tells you that the report was fine. You know, and every slight little, problem although may not be serious because we are pretty …. every little issue, you think it’s a major problem and whole thing is going to be over but it wasn’t.


We were very lucky and we knew we had very….this working for us because we split the eggs from a one egg donor. We fertilized half and we knew that our odds were greatly diminished of being successful. We thought this is what we really wanted to do and we just hoped pregnancy turned out this way. So we were very lucky, we were very fortunate that it worked out.


I mean it’s hard to even describe the emotions……it was just overwhelming, it was unbelievable….saw children. Yes obviously because you know we are same sex couple. Having children is something you cannot really dream about, fantasize about it. Not everybody with our lifestyle will want to children but people that do have every obstacle in a way to facilitate it.


So when it actually happened it was wonderful. After the children arrived what was surprising was that no matter how much preparation you have from family and friends, telling you how much work it is and how your life is going to change, it only really sunk it about five hours after we came back here and the reality of it all sets in a while. What do we do now?


Every little noise is a problem …what have we done wrong so, we go to the books and you know, learning chapter 1 kind of a thing. But it was all very rewarding, very exciting and I think after three days we are feeling a lot more comfortable although we realized we are going to have challenges for the next….”


High quality surrogacy clinics, easy availability of surrogate mothers in India contribute to the major factors for drawing people for surrogacy to India. Affordable cost of surrogacy in India doesn’t mean at all that quality will be compromised.


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Surrogacy in India for Australians – Gay Father Testimonial

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This video shows a gay father sharing his experience and talking about surrogacy in India for Australians.



Following is the video narration.


“I am from Sydney Australia and I work in advertising, I am a designer. I came to New Delhi to become a father basically. I had two sons through surrogacy. Surrogacy, the options were quite limited in Australia so we looked around the world, between America and India and a friend had done it in India so flew last December and we were pregnant by January, so happy with the two babies.”


The gay father discusses that in Australia, surrogacy options are limited which made them flew down to India. He also expresses his happiness over being blessed with two baby boys.


With smooth legal procedure of India surrogacy program for taking the baby home, affordable cost of surrogacy, low cost egg donors and surrogate mothers in India, it has become the favorite destination of many across the world for surrogacy.


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Australian Gay Parent shares his joy after having Surrogacy Children in India

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In this video, an Australian gay parent shares his joy after having surrogacy children in India.


Following is the video narration.


“Yeah, I think as a new parent, I mean you have got nine months to research, to read, to prepare…become a new parent. And one day you are given two babies, so you have got to look after them. You go to be quite prepared. We brought a lot of equipment here with us. There’s a lot of equipment here but as far as formula and everything is available in India. There are great baby shops here. Mother care which is a big UK brand is here. So we basically flew over with one suitcase each and one suitcase for the babies. So we did bring everything that we need pretty much for them.

Do it, if you want to have babies. India is a great place to do it. We have come out with two beautiful babies that are, we are just amazed …and it’s a great experience here and we would recommend it to everyone.”


India offers an affordable cost of surrogacy when compared to the western countries. The surrogacy laws in India allows gay couple from foreign countries to opt for surrogacy in India. The legal procedure to take the babies home is also smooth enough, making it easier for the parents.


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Australian Gay Father – India Surrogacy Story – Testimonial

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This video shows an Australian gay father sharing his India surrogacy story. He discusses the services and care offered by the clinic during his surrogacy journey in India.


Following is the surrogacy video narration.


“We are really well looked after here in India. I mean we kind of fly in and we are picked up, we are delivered at places, we have drivers. Now that we have had, the hotel ……the IVF clinics was handy, it’s close by. Now that we have the baby we are staying in a great hotel that’s linked to a great shopping centre which has all the facilities, every brand, every shop, a supermarket you want. So yeah we are happy to stay here for …which will be a few weeks. We are happy here.


So we had two boys and actually we came a little early so…..they were born on Wednesday and we arrived in India on Friday morning and it was a little early. They were fine. One was two and a half kilos and the other one was three point four and they were in the hospital, just being well looked after. They both are super healthy. We have them from three days now and they are eating, sleeping and doing what every baby should be doing, so they are great.


We are new parents. Like any other new parents you really need to know what you are doing and what you are in for so  it’s a bit of care…..i think every couple experiences that with the new  babies so. As far as advice it’s just that be very thorough, I mean there is a little admin to do, you got to be well prepared when you arrive. Yeah, one day you are parent, next you got two kids…you got to be ready for it.”


Commercial Surrogacy in India is legal. Also, there are many surrogacy clinics in India which offer gay surrogacy. The laws are flexible enough making the process to take the baby to home country easier and smooth for the genetic parents.


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Australian Gay Father on Email Communication by Surrogacy Agency in India

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This video shows an Australian gay father discussing about the email communication by the surrogacy agency in India.



Following is the gay surrogacy in India video narration. 


“ The communication between India and…has been amazing. We get our regular updates, scans, images, whenever we needed more information…team to provide us by an email, by being always in contact. So we didn’t really feel too far away.”


Gestational surrogacy in India for gay men in offered at an affordable cost. The comfortable surrogacy laws in India makes it easy for the genetic parents to take the baby home.


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Australian Gay Parent talks about Services at Indian Surrogacy Clinic

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This video shows an Australian gay parent talking about the service offered at the Indian surrogacy clinic.



Following is surrogacy video narration.


“We were really impressed by all the facilities here in the hospitals, the IVF clinics. The services and staff have been very, I mean I guess, some people may be hesitant to come to India and may chose America or any other country but India has been fantastic”


The gay parent shares his joy regarding the quality services he received from the surrogacy clinic during the process.


Latest technology accompanied with the low cost of surrogacy, withdraws intending parents from foreign countries to visit the India for surrogacy program. The procedure of bringing surrogacy baby home is also very smooth.


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