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Are There any Side Effects of the Medication in IVF ?

In this video, the the doctor talks about the medication given during IVF treatment. Following is the video narration.

“Most of the drugs do not cause any discomfort besides the pain that is there when you take the injection. Most of these drugs are water soluble, have a short half life and pass in urine every twenty hours. And that is the reason you have to top up and give the drugs every 24 hours. Occasionally when you make a large number of eggs more than what the doctors had targeted , at that time you might feel a bloating sensation in the stomach and whenever such a condition occurs, it is called ovarian hyperstimulation and then medical supervise care is needed to hand hold the patient through this problem.”

The doctor discusses that there is no discomfort or illness after IVF treatment medication, as most of the medicines are water soluble and pass out through urine within 20 hours. Though during injection only a discomfort is experienced. In case of large number of eggs production than expected, also known as ovarian hyperstimulation, medical care is provided.

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