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Australia Surrogacy Couple Confers Taking the Baby Home Procedure

In this video, a surrogacy couple from Victoria, Australia talks about the procedure of taking the baby to home after surrogacy in India.

Video Narration

“I think for any part of the work is to be done for passports, citizenship and things like that. If you possibly can get all your paperwork as much as it is done in Australia when you get in, because multiple copies need to be made of everything, everything needs to be certified. If your get everything done before you get here makes its so much easier. We had independent legal representation with Mr. Chawla here in India. So Yesterday we in fact went to visit him to make sure that all our papers were in order. That’s all been done. Next step is DNA test for our babies to prove citizenship and then there is passport and couple of things with the Indian side so that we can take them on.”

Low cost of surrogacy in India draws couples from many international destinations to fly to India for the procedure. In addition, well trained doctors and state of art facilities in the hospital make India a perfect destination for the treatment.


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