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Australian Couple at a Surrogacy Agency in New Delhi, India

In this video, an Australian couple talks about their twins born at a surrogacy agency in New Delhi, India.
The mother explains why she chose India for surrogacy. Her heart condition did not allow her to carry a baby in her womb as medications could potentially harm her baby during the final stages. The easy availability and low cost of surrogacy in India lured her to the Asian country.

Video Narration

“I am Paul from Leopold Victoria, Australia and my wife.  We came to India to collect beautiful twins that were born through surrogacy.

I actually have a heart condition and I need to take medications and there was no way that my cardiologist was happy for me to carry a baby.  He felt that me being pregnant will cause medical complications with myself. Also, secondly I felt that it was unfair to potentially harm my or our babies with medications during the final stages.”

Surrogacy clinics in India are run by well-trained doctors having considerable experience in the field. The hospitals and clinics here are equipped with cutting edge technology which is comparable to the best in the world.

Given the emergence of India as a cost-effective healthcare provider, thousands of people flock here to fulfill their dream of having a child of their own.

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