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Tracking Surrogate Pregnancy – India Surrogacy Doctor

This video shows the process followed by a leading surrogacy clinic in New Delhi, India to help the intending parents in tracking the progress of surrogate pregnancy. Following is the video narration. “This is a ……scan. Ive just got it. We have done this scan today. Im just scanning it and sending it to the […]

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Surrogacy in Nepal

With the Thai military considering legally banning commercial arrangements for rent-a-womb, surrogacy in Nepal is an option that can be looked into by intending parents. Nepal is a rising destination for intending parents looking to enjoy the joys of their own baby. Surrogacy is often sought as the way to go for people who cannot […]

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Developments in Indian Surrogacy: Govt. Allows Embryo Import

Finally loosening up a little on the big Indian Surrogacy debate, the Government of India has consented to the import of human embryos to India for their development in the womb of a surrogate mother. A leading Indian Media House reports that “the decision will allow foreign couples to bring in frozen human embryos and […]

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