Giving Birth after 30 Lowers Endometrial Cancer Risk: Study

Updated: Roberts on April 15th, 2013

A recent study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has established that women who give birth in their 30s and 40s are less likely to be affected by endometrial cancer.


Women, discouraged by their inability to have a baby quickly resort to artificial reproduction technologies like IVF and surrogacy. But if they hang on in there and discuss with their doctors the possibility of improving their own fertility and getting pregnant, before heading straight to India for surrogacy, they might have some good news and might be quietly thwarting their chances of cancer.  Endometrial Cancer Risk


According to the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), endometrial cancer, which occurs in the tissue lining of the uterus, is the sixth most common cancer occurring in women all over the world. It is ranked 13 in the list of most common causes of cancer-related deaths, causing 74,000 deaths in 2008.


As per the findings of this study, compared to those who delivered their last baby by the age of 25, women who delivered their last babies between ages 35 to 39 lowered their chances of endometrial cancer by 32 percent, those who bore their last child between ages 30 and 34 had the risk reduced by 17 percent, and those women who gave birth over age 40 were at 44 percent lesser risk.


The researchers came to this conclusion following an evaluation of data from 17 studies related to 8,671 women suffering from endometrial cancer and 16,562 without the illness.


Principal investigator of the study, Veronica Setiawan, an assistant professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, said, “While childbearing at an older age previously has been associated with a lower risk of endometrial cancer, the size of this study definitively shows that late age at last birth is a significant protective factor after taking into account other factors known to influence the disease—body weight, number of kids and oral contraceptive use.”


The researchers involved in this study have not been able to ascertain the exact cause of the beneficiary effects of late childbearing on the prevention of cancer. Stating that the hormone levels during pregnancy at advanced ages might be helpful in impeding cancer, Setiawan further said that knowing the exact mechanism by which pregnancy at an advanced age averts the onset of endometrial cancer in women can help understand how the disease develops and the ways to prevent its incidence.  Getting Pregnant After 30


Dana M. Chase, gynecologic oncologist, with St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix was of the view that “…certainly in the study they indicate there should be more studies looking at more factors.”


This new study might come as a relief to many women who have until now been deterred from bearing an offspring at a later stage in life, owing to the health disadvantages it entails.  With the rise of endometrial cancer at alarming levels, this research might prove instrumental in encouraging many older women mulling over having a child, more so with its newly-found beneficial effect.


The University of Maryland Medical Center states that although childbearing at an older age may put women through higher threat for various health complications, once they have made themselves aware about the probable risks, they can focus on those measures that aid in a smooth pregnancy at any age. These include appropriate nutrition, superior prenatal care, and emotional and financial preparation to care for a newborn.


However, there is a huge disparity between a woman’s health conditions enabling her to get pregnant before her 30s and after.


On reaching an older age, many women learn that their fertility has dwindled or even if they are fertile, their womb does not provide the atmosphere to support a baby. Other than older women who are keen to welcome another child into the family but in vain, many younger women may also face difficulties in conceiving despite trying early on due to different health reasons.


Fertility specialist James Goldfarb of Cleveland, Ohio says, “There’s a clear drop-off in fertility between ages 29 and 35, but the majority of 35-year-old women still won’t have a problem. However, by 38 or 39, age becomes a big factor.”


If however, age has already become the deciding factor, and you have no option to but to seek surrogacy, have your questions about the procedures and the costs involved answered by Surrogacy Clinics. This surrogacy India documentary should give you a little insight into it. It must be noted that surrogacy is not an easy resort for anyone to have a baby without having to get pregnant. It is strictly for those who cannot get pregnant.


Age will no longer be a barrier for women to experience the joys of motherhood now that the probability of reduced risks of endometrial cancer has made maternity in one’s 30s and 40s seem even more charming.


Delivering a child in older age now means delivering oneself from a life-threatening disease!


India Surrogacy Documentary

Updated: Deepika on March 22nd, 2013

Surrogacy in India has made parenthood possible for the thousands of childless couples, who could not afford to rent a womb in the super-expensive medical systems of their own countries. The desire to have a child of our own is natural to humans, but some are restricted by medical issues, age, or other factors, to fulfill this desire. Many individuals see the purpose of their lives in their children, and there are still many who long to see a child of their own.

Surrogacy clinics in India could help such individuals find a way to experience the joys of parenting and get closer to finding contentment in their lives.


The surrogacy documentary below features the different parties—a desirous couple, a surrogate mother, and a surrogacy specialist doctor—involved in an arrangement of surrogacy.



Besides the major cost advantage, the highly-experienced surrogacy surgeons, English-speaking people, and the widely-known healthy habits of Indian surrogates are the chief draws for foreigners seeking surrogate services in India.


Surrogacy Clinics facilitates low-cost surrogacy in India. For more information and a FREE quote, fill-out the estimate request form on the right. 


IVF Surrogacy Clinics In New Delhi, India

Updated: Roberts on February 28th, 2013

If you are looking for an IVF surrogacy clinic in New Delhi, India, you have come to the right place. India is one of the premier surrogacy destinations and we work with some of the most reputable clinics in the country. Surrogacy clinics in India are able to provide hassle-free services to childless couples as the country is known for being relatively liberal about surrogacy. IVF Surrogacy Clinic in Delhi


Infertility is an unfortunate common problem among women of childbearing age. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 10.9% of American women aged 15-44 suffer from impaired fecundity (the diminished ability to conceive). This amounts to a million and a half women a year who are not able to experience the joy of starting their own families without outside help.


The enormous surrogacy fees in countries like the US, UK, Australia, are another obstacle in their path to parenthood. However, clinics for gestational surrogacy in New Delhi, India can help them transcend such obstacles and embrace the joys of parenthood.

Why Choose Surrogacy Clinics In New Delhi?

SurrogacyClinics works with some of the best surrogacy clinics in India, in the cities of New Delhi and Mumbai. We understand that your choice of surrogacy clinic is a major life decision, one that will affect your family for the rest of your lives, so we strive to connect future parents with highly respected clinics that have a single objective to create families, and have a successful track record doing it.


One of our network New Delhi hospitals for IVF surrogacy has a spotless record of bringing the joy of parenthood to people from all over the world. They have brought over 200 babies into the world so far, and that number is only rising. The lead doctor has a “hands-on” approach to surrogacy, working with clients and mothers face to face, never outsourcing vital aspects of the surrogacy process to less experienced doctors.


You can rest assured that putting your future child in the hands of this or any other of the respectable clinics with whom we are associated is a safe decision for a number of reasons:

  • We work with surrogacy clinics that are state-of-the-art medical facilities, equipped with the latest in cutting edge technologies.
  • Doctors who work in our network surrogacy centers in New Delhi are expert physicians, many of whom have years of experience, both in India and abroad.
  • The majority of Indian doctors speak perfect English, as well, so the language barrier is not something that potential parents need to worry about.
  • If you’re wondering, “How much do clinics in Delhi charge for surrogacy?” the answer will probably surprise you. The cost of a test tube baby in India can be up to 50% cheaper than in developed nations. Such low prices put parenthood within reach of people who never thought it possible before.


Surrogate Selection in New Delhi Clinics

The most reassuring thing about the process is the surrogate mother who will be carrying your baby. Surrogate mothers in India are carefully selected to ensure that women who bear the children are not only healthy physically but also, emotionally. They are put through a rigorous screening process that is based on:  Pind Balluchi - Delhi - India

  • Age
  • Personal background and medical history
  • Pregnancy history

Surrogacy clinics in New Delhi also test potential surrogates for health and psychological factors that might influence a pregnancy. These include:

  • Basic physical and medical examinations
  • STD screenings
  • Psychological exams to evaluate mental health


You can also set your mind at ease with the knowledge that vices such as drinking and smoking are extremely uncommon among Indian women, so the chances that your child will be affected by such horrible habits are extremely low.

Connecting With Clinics in New Delhi

For people considering surrogacy in India, it is imperative to start communicating with the clinic atleast a few weeks in advance, so by the time you go there, you know what exactly to expect.

If you are ready to make the next step and begin your search for the right IVF surrogacy clinic in New Delhi for you, is here to help. We have the connections and experience that will put you into contact with the facility that will help you realize your dreams of parenthood.


Fill out the estimate request form on the right to receive more information about IVF surrogacy clinics in New Delhi, India.


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