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Surrogacy in Nepal

With the Thai military considering legally banning commercial arrangements for rent-a-womb, surrogacy in Nepal is an option that can be looked into by intending parents. Nepal is a rising destination for intending parents looking to enjoy the joys of their own baby. Surrogacy is often sought as the way to go for people who cannot […]

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Developments in Indian Surrogacy: Govt. Allows Embryo Import

Finally loosening up a little on the big Indian Surrogacy debate, the Government of India has consented to the import of human embryos to India for their development in the womb of a surrogate mother. A leading Indian Media House reports that “the decision will allow foreign couples to bring in frozen human embryos and […]

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Will Surrogacy in India face new Restrictions?

Singles and gay couples from different parts of the world, who sought the joys of parenthood via surrogacy in India, are lurking in doubt after the government decided to tighten the visa norms for such cases. The rapidly growing surrogacy tourism in India may be affected with the government’s possible ruling, which necessitates surrogacy-seekers to […]

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Fertility Clinics in New Delhi, India

Are you hoping to realize your dream of becoming a parent through in vitro fertilization, but cannot afford to do so in your local clinics? If so, do not worry. There are many excellent fertility clinics in New Delhi, India that charge much, much less than those in Western countries. The low cost of test […]

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