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Indian Egg Donor for Single Men

An increasing number of single men are looking to fulfill their dream of fatherhood without waiting for their perfect partner. Given the rapid advances in reproductive technology, a viable option is Indian egg donor for single men along with surrogacy. Any form of assisted reproduction can be prohibitively expensive in the U.S. and Europe while […]

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Egg Donor Agency in India

If you can’t have children for any reason, you can choose to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) or seek a surrogate to carry your child. Single fathers, man-man couples, or in cases where the ovaries of the female are not functioning properly,  one may have to look outsie for resources of eggs. One affordable option you can […]

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Egg Donation requirement in Surrogacy, India

In this video, a leading surrogacy doctor talks about the requirement of egg donation in surrogacy. He explains the situations in which a couple has to opt for an egg donor. Egg Donation in Surrogacy- Video Narration “Basically egg donation is required either for same sex male couples, when they want to complete their family […]

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What is the expected cost of the Egg Donor in India?

In this video, a leading surrogacy doctor talks about cost of egg donors in India. Cost of Egg Donor in India- Video Narration “The commerce about egg donor is handled by the facilitation agency and is not within the purview of …. and we really can’t share this information because the facilitation agency feels this […]

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Surrogacy Agencies and Egg Donors in India

In this video, doctor talks about egg donors’ recruitment by surrogacy agencies in India.  He also talks about the hospital having one of the largest databases for egg donors in India. In India, surrogacy allows an opportunity not only for infertile couple or single men, but gay couples also, to become parents. There are a […]

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