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An Australian Gay Parent Talks About the Responsibilities of Parenting

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In this video an Australian gay parent speaks about the responsibilities of bringing a new life into the world, and the importance of giving that life a healthy and safe environment in which to grow.


Following is the video narration:


“I think they have to be sure, what they want to do. This is a, this is a decision that they have to consider very carefully. There’s no going back on the decision, and to remember that you are bringing a life into the world and you are responsible for that life, that human being. And, you have to ensure that your homelife is stable, your relationship is stable, and that you’re going to do the good, the right thing while this person you bringing into the world. And I think , a lot of, from my experience in Australia with some of the people we know, the home environment of some same-sex couples is certainly a lot better than traditional couples, you know, and I think we would opt for that same kind of home, you know, a very good home life. We, everything was set up before we came. We set up the nursery, we set up the crib, the …., we got all the paraphernalia you need, so we’re totally set up. We even had infant seats installed in the car to get home because in Australia you can’t arrive at the airport with two infants and you can’t just grab a taxi with two infants, like you can in India, we need to have child infant seats. But there are no taxis with two of them installed. So we had them installed in our car and we left the keys with our neighbour who will come and pick us up. You know, so we made all these preparations.”



Surrogacy procedure in India is an affordable option for medical tourists from affluent countries who wish to protect their privacy and identity.


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Testimony of an Australian Gay Parent about Surrogacy Procedure in India

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This video carries the testimony of an Australian gay parent about surrogacy procedure in India. He talks about the ease of the procedure and his and his partner’s overall satisfaction after the procedure.


Following is the video narration.


“Actually we only came once to conceive, and we wanted two babies from the one egg donor, South African egg donor. And we were very fortunate she gave us 12 healthy eggs, which we could then divide. And then we both got pregnant with healthy embryos, and we were very lucky, very lucky, and now we’ve got two beautiful little boys.”



Gay surrogacy options in India are an affordable, high-quality option for clients from affluent countries who want to maintain their privacy.


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Australian Gay Parent talks about Services at Indian Surrogacy Clinic

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This video shows an Australian gay parent talking about the service offered at the Indian surrogacy clinic.



Following is surrogacy video narration.


“We were really impressed by all the facilities here in the hospitals, the IVF clinics. The services and staff have been very, I mean I guess, some people may be hesitant to come to India and may chose America or any other country but India has been fantastic”


The gay parent shares his joy regarding the quality services he received from the surrogacy clinic during the process.


Latest technology accompanied with the low cost of surrogacy, withdraws intending parents from foreign countries to visit the India for surrogacy program. The procedure of bringing surrogacy baby home is also very smooth.


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