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All Posts in Category: Gestational Surrogacy

The Commercial Surrogacy Debate

Surrogacy brings the joy of parenthood to those who, for various reasons, are not able to conceive or adopt. Many consider raising a child to be the greatest pleasure one can find in life, and bringing that joy to infertile or same-sex couples is the main advantage touted by those on the pros side of […]

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Single Dads Surrogacy in India

Single men who dream of being fathers, but can’t afford surrogacy in their home countries now have an economical surrogacy option. Many surrogacy clinics in India now offer surrogacy for single fathers. India is one of the world’s most popular destinations for surrogacy, and more and more infertile people are choosing to go there each […]

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Partial Hysterectomy and Own Egg Surrogacy

Having a hysterectomy used to mean that bearing a child was out of the question, but with advances in medicine even after you have a partial hysterectomy, own egg surrogacy will allow you to advance your genetic line. While surrogacy is not accepted in some countries, surrogacy clinics in India, Russia, parts of the US […]

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Surrogacy for Single Males in India

For males who desire to become single parents, single men surrogacy is the answer. This newest option of surrogacy for single men and surrogacy for gay men in India, makes it possible for them to become parents without being in a relationship with women. Single Men Surrogacy in India – Video Narration “Yes we have […]

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India Surrogacy Doctor discusses Gestational and Natural Surrogacy

Following is the video narration. “Gestational surrogacy means the genetic mother is different from the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother can never have a claim or a legal jurisdiction or rights over the baby carrying for the genetic parents. There is absolutely going to be zero chances of any legal problems and any hindrances in […]

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