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Australian Gay Father on Email Communication by Surrogacy Agency in India

This video shows an Australian gay father discussing about the email communication by the surrogacy agency in India. Following is the gay surrogacy in India video narration. ” The communication between India and…has been amazing. We get our regular updates, scans, images, whenever we needed more information…team to provide us by an email, by being always in […]

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Australian Gay Men – Surrogacy in India

This video testimonial talks about Australian gay men – surrogacy in India experience. Following is the video narration. “The emotions for the first few months were just of nervousness and not sure because like every expecting parent we had gone through the process of collection of the eggs – were they going to be good […]

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Surrogacy in India for Australians – Gay Father Testimonial

This video shows a gay father sharing his experience and talking about surrogacy in India for Australians. Following is the video narration. “I am from Sydney Australia and I work in advertising, I am a designer. I came to New Delhi to become a father basically. I had two sons through surrogacy. Surrogacy, the options […]

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