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Surrogate Mother for Hire in India

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Aspiring parents for whom surrogacy is not an option in their home countries can easily find a surrogate mother for hire in India to expand their family. In many countries around the world, surrogacy is either too expensive, illegal, or not available to certain demographics (such as single parents or homosexuals). Surrogate Mother for Hire - India However, surrogacy in India is available to all. For example, there are many great options for surrogacy in India for Americans who cannot afford the expensive procedure back home. It is also much more affordable in India than in the developed countries of the West where surrogacy is permitted. Surrogacy is also permitted for same-sex couples in India.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 10.9% of American women have impaired fecundity, or face difficulty conceiving. This can put the dream of parenthood out of reach for many of these women—as well as their partners. But those facing such problems should not lose hope. Surrogate mothers in India can make those dreams come true.

Cost of Hiring a Surrogate Mother in India

The first question you may ask when considering a trip to India is most likely: How much does it cost to hire a surrogate mother in India? Well, the low cost of surrogacy in India may astound you. Prospective parents can expect to spend 50% less on a surrogate mother for hire in India than they would in a developed country.
How are the costs involved in hiring a womb in India so low?

  • The biggest factor responsible for such low prices is the cost of living in India which is drastically cheaper than in the Western countries.
  • Overall, healthcare is cheaper in India. In fact, India is a very popular destination for medical tourists seeking great deals on everything from cosmetic surgery to dentistry to heart surgery.
  • Many of our network surrogacy clinics in India offer attractive package deals.


How Surrogate Mothers for Hire Are Selected

  • Surrogacy Clinics can help you find a surrogate mother agency in India that has a rigorous screening process and hires only the healthiest candidates available. The clinics with which Surrogacy Clinics is associated have a number of criteria that a potential surrogate must meet in order to be selected. All potential surrogate mothers are screened based on factors such as:
  • Age
  • Personal background
  • Overall medical history
  • Pregnancy history
  • Also, clinic doctors conduct physical examinations, mental health examinations, STD and infectious disease screenings and a host of other tests to ascertain the women’s aptitude for surrogacy.
  • Women who pass these tests and are chosen as surrogates are well taken care of throughout the duration of the pregnancy. They are given ample and comfortable housing and put on a diet that is healthy for them as well as the baby. They are also given all the necessary vitamins, supplements and prenatal drugs.
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Surrogates for hire in India undergo regularly scheduled psychiatric evaluations to make sure they stay in good mental health and also receive all the necessary ultrasound and Doppler tests at the proper times during the pregnancy.

Many Indian women abstain from such unhealthy habits as drinking or smoking. You can also ask a potential surrogate if she has any other specific habits of which you do not approve. Your surrogacy clinic should be able to provide you with a long list of potential surrogate mothers to give you as many options as possible and ensure you find the perfect one for your future baby.

Finding a surrogate in India has never been easier. With the friendly and knowledgeable staff across the leading fertility clinics in the country, you can look forward to finding a healthy womb carrier in India.


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Christian Surrogates India

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For many couples struggling to conceive naturally, the availability of Christian surrogates in India may allow them to realize their dreams of parenthood whilst at the same time observing their religious beliefs. There are a growing number of surrogacy clinics in India which offer infertile couples low cost treatment without a concomitant reduction in quality.

Surrogacy – An Overview

Christian Surrogates India A surrogate is essentially someone who takes the place of someone else; in this instance it requires that one woman carries and gives birth to another woman’s child. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) estimates that there are some 7.3 million women in the USA aged between 15 and 44 who have difficulty with conception.


There may be various reasons for infertility and options are available for some couples to allow them to conceive naturally. However, for many, medical intervention of this nature (e.g., IVF or pharmacological intervention) is simply not an option and surrogacy offers an important method of starting a family.


Surrogacy essentially takes two differing forms. The first is the natural approach in which the surrogate gives birth to her own genetic offspring. The second is the gestational approach in which the intended parents’ own fertilized embryo is used to impregnate the surrogate. Out of the two, gestational surrogacy is less cumbersome legally and is hence, more prevalent.

Christian Surrogacy in India

  • Just like people of other creeds and religions, many Christians too suffer from reproductive issues, but are still desperate to start a family. The option to consider surrogacy isn’t one that most people take lightly and this can be further complicated when the intended parents’ religious views are taken into account.
  • For those who are Christian, it may be crucially important that the faith of the egg donor, surrogate or both mirrors their own belief system. Fortunately, Christian surrogates in India are available and the religion of surrogate mothers in India can be readily established.
  • If you’re struggling to locate Christian surrogate mothers in India, you might find that identifying a Christian surrogate agency in India makes the most sense. Surrogacy agencies are often a popular choice since they are able to fully vet applicants prior to their Catholic  Church in Kanyakumari - Southern India selection as a surrogate. Moreover, you can research the reputation of your chosen clinic ahead of time.
  • If you’re thinking of taking a Surrogacy Agency approach, find out what they include in their fees. Important considerations additional to establishing religion include full medical history, regular health checks during the course of the pregnancy and assistance with the legalities of surrogacy.
  • You might find it useful to discuss whether Christian surrogacy in India is a suitable option for you with your religious leader or minister. Besides advising on the religious aspects of your decision, they may be able to offer some helpful suggestions as to how you can proceed.

Choosing Christian Surrogates in India – Tips and Pointers

  • One of the most important considerations when undertaking any medical treatment or procedure is cost. Surrogacy cost in India offers couples with unaffordable options in their own country the opportunity to start a family. The price of surrogacy in India could be as much as 50% less than in other developed countries and this is generally attributable to the low cost of living.
  • It’s vital that you research the legal aspects of surrogacy, both in the country in which you reside and the one that you’re planning on visiting. Failure to do so may leave you with legal issues which can be costly or time-consuming to resolve.
  • It might be worth hiring a legal advisor or lawyer in India to handle the documentation required. Having said that, India surrogacy law is fairly friendly and the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) has provided a set of guidelines which should outline the steps required when undertaking surrogacy in India.
  • Those looking for Christian surrogacy abroad, must taken into consideration the transport costs and travel time involved. Keep in mind though, that the advent of modern technology means the Internet can be used to contact your surrogacy agency or surrogate throughout the pregnancy.
  • Surrogacy can be an emotional rollercoaster ride and it’s worth thinking about the journey that you’re planning on taking. Explore testimonials and information provided by other couples who’ve taken the same route and try to get a complete picture of the benefits and risks associated with choosing surrogacy in India.


Religion plays an important part of many people’s lives, not least when they’re thinking of bringing children into the world. If you’re planning on using a surrogacy approach to start your family and are looking for a low cost alternative, then Christian surrogates in India may provide the answer.


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Muslim Surrogate in India

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In this video, a renowned surrogacy doctor in New Delhi talks about Muslim surrogate in India.



Video Narration

“We do have Muslim surrogate mothers, so for us it is not special; I mean we do have so in case if you want to select one, that’s fine, that is available because they are part of our program.”

Indian surrogacy clinics are to all kinds of couples from anywhere in the world, seeking surrogacy treatment to attain to parenthood.  Low cost of surrogacy at advanced technology clinics draws a large no. of healthcare tourists to the country.