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Surrogate Mother for Hire in India

Aspiring parents for whom surrogacy is not an option in their home countries can easily find a surrogate mother for hire in India to expand their family. In many countries around the world, surrogacy is either too expensive, illegal, or not available to certain demographics (such as single parents or homosexuals).  However, surrogacy in India […]

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Christian Surrogates India

For many couples struggling to conceive naturally, the availability of Christian surrogates in India may allow them to realize their dreams of parenthood whilst at the same time observing their religious beliefs. There are a growing number of surrogacy clinics in India which offer infertile couples low cost treatment without a concomitant reduction in quality. […]

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Muslim Surrogate in India

In this video, a renowned surrogacy doctor in New Delhi talks about Muslim surrogate in India. Video Narration “We do have Muslim surrogate mothers, so for us it is not special; I mean we do have so in case if you want to select one, that’s fine, that is available because they are part of […]

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Indian Surrogate Mother – New Delhi India

In this video, an Indian surrogate shares her surrogacy experience. She also discusses how surrogacy compensation helped her. At the same time she was able to help a couple overcome the challenge of infertility. It is also known as “gestational surrogacy” or “commercial surrogacy,” where a woman is paid by a couple to give birth […]

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Can a couple get their own surrogate to India?

Leading surrogacy doctor from India discusses in this video if a couple can get their own surrogate. Couple’s Own Surrogate – Video Narration “Well sure, you can get your own surrogate and in this case, just 25000 rupees monitoring fee or third party monitoring fee is applicable from …..” In this video, the surrogacy doctor […]

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Religion of Surrogate Mothers in India

This video shows a leading doctor from New Delhi talking about the religion of surrogate mothers in India. Following is the video narration. “Surrogate mothers in the North of India belong to various religions. The predominant religion is Hindu but we also have a lot of Muslim religion, Christian religion, and Sikh religion. We do […]

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