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Tracking Surrogate Pregnancy – India Surrogacy Doctor

This video shows the process followed by a leading surrogacy clinic in New Delhi, India to help the intending parents in tracking the progress of surrogate pregnancy. Following is the video narration. “This is a ……scan. Ive just got it. We have done this scan today. Im just scanning it and sending it to the […]

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Tracking Surrogate Pregnancy – India

While commissioning parents may be living thousands of miles away from the surrogate, they are regularly given updates on the progression of the pregnancy by this surrogacy clinic in New Delhi – India. A surrogate pregnancy can be an overwhelming experience for the intended parents, and to keep them informed throughout this journey, scans and […]

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India Surrogacy Documentary

Surrogacy in India has made parenthood possible for the thousands of childless couples, who could not afford to rent a womb in the super-expensive medical systems of their own countries. The desire to have a child of our own is natural to humans, but some are restricted by medical issues, age, or other factors, to […]

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Indian Doctor talks about the Surrogate Mother’s Delivery Process

This video shows a leading Indian doctor talking about the surrogate mother’s delivery process. Following is the surrogacy video narration. “Well this decision is taken in the best interest of mother and baby and there are no hard and fast rules. This decision is taken by the obstetrician at the time of the delivery and […]

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