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With the laws and costs of surrogacy being restrictive in some places, more and more people, wanting to experience parenthood joys, are opting for surrogacy abroad.Are you scouting for surrogacy destinations? Surrogacy Clinics can help you find some reliable and comforting locations to begin your journey for a new life.

Surrogacy in India

India is arguably the most diverse nation in the world, which also makes it one of the most intriguing. The rich glorious past, amalgamated with the contemporary outlook of modern India, makes a big draw for many westerners.

The ease of finding a surrogate in India, and expert doctors who routinely perform these procedures, are two major factors that draw surrogacy clients from all over the world. Also, the laws related to surrogacy are quite liberal, and consequently, India hosts a large number of international surrogacy cases every year.

Surrogacy in Eastern Europe

Individuals and couples, looking to have their own baby, are also visiting eastern European countries like Georgia, Armenia, and Ukraine for surrogacy. These countries have many surrogacy options for local parents as well as international clientele, and are adept in handling the foreign surrogacy cases with utmost care.

Surrogacy Clinics can help you avail surrogacy services at the following destinations in Eastern Europe:


The surrogacy process is regulated by the Armenia Reproductive Rights Law. To keep it professional and avoid any intricacies, a detailed contract between the involved parties is required.

The surrogate mother is barred from indulging in any sexual activity during the pregnancy term, and is taken care of in all possible ways to ensure a safe delivery. The surrogate may not meet the client parents, and upon birth, the child is immediately transferred to the intending parents.


Surrogacy-friendly laws in Ukraine make it an ideal destination for those looking to have a baby the unnatural way. Surrogacy is officially regulated by Clause 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine and Order 24 of the Health Ministry of Ukraine.  Intended parents do not need any separate permission from any regulatory body to choose between Gestational Surrogacy, Egg/sperm Donation and Embryo adoption programs.

Ukrainian legislation allows the intended parents to have their names will be on Birth certificate of the surrogacy-born child from the very beginning. Even if the egg/sperm donation was involved and there is no biological relation between the child and commissioning parents, the child’s birth certificate will carry their names (Clause 3 of article 123 of the Family Code of Ukraine).


Georgia is another Eastern European country, where Surrogacy Clinics facilitates affordable surrogacy. The Georgian law allows intended parents to take full claim of the baby, even if the surrogate mother has a genetic relationship (i.e surrogate is the egg donor).

Birth certificate of the child born under a surrogacy program is easily issued in the name of commissioning parents.