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Gestational Surrogacy India

Gestational surrogacy in India is one of the most in-demand services by international tourists.

But how is it different from traditional surrogacy? Traditional surrogacy is when the surrogaGestational Surrogacyte mother’s egg is fertilized using the male parent’s sperm through IVF. Gestational surrogacy means that an embryo is formed from the in-vitro fertilization of an egg by a sperm, and then the embryo is implanted into the Indian surrogate’s uterus where the baby is carried throughout the pregnancy.

Traditional Surrogacy (also known as Natural Surrogacy) is legally not allowed in many countries, including India.

  • The baby born from traditional surrogacy is g  enetically linked to the surrogate mother.
  • In gestational surrogacy baby’s genes are not linked to the surrogate mother’s genes.

Advantages of Gestational Surrogacy – India

  • In India, gestational surrogacy  cost can be as low as 50% (or even lesser) as compared to the usual costs in North America and most European countries
  • The surgeries here are performed by world-renowned surrogacy experts
  • Surrogacy Clinics in India boast of high-tech equipment that ensures accurate test results and quality healthcare for the surrogate mother and the baby
  • Indian surrogate mothers are screened rigidly and receive continuous care all throughout the pregnancy and at childbirth
  • The intended parents are updated constantly by the surrogacy facility throughout the process, so they are aware of the events related to the pregnancy even when not physically in India
  • The clinics help out with providing the documents necessary for the intended parents to bring the baby back to their home country
  • The medical staff is usually comfortable with English as it is widely spoken throughout the country.
  • Indian women form the most affordable egg donors
  • Egg donors of other ethnicities can also be arranged in India, should a patient want a Caucasian or some other race as the donor. For such requirements, many of our clinics have arrangements with  international sperm and egg banks.Nagueshi Temple near Ponda, Goa - India

Disadvantages of India Gestational Surrogacy

  • The distance and the length of time for traveling, especially for patients from other continents.
  • The travel and accommodation expenses for two trips to India (starting the process and picking up the baby).
  • Though English is widely spoken in India, there may be some language barrier with the surrogate who carries your child.

Weighing the pros and cons of going to India for surrogacy, the positive points easily outweigh the negative ones. To achieve this level of understanding, it is advised for clients to constantly communicate with the surrogacy clinic even before the process starts regarding all their concerns and questions.

Perhaps one of the most important things to discuss is the surrogacy contract that is signed before starting the process, as related to Indian surrogacy laws. Individuals and couples, who want to opt for gestational surrogacy in India, must be very comfortable with the doctor and other medical staff they have to work with.


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