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India Surrogacy Documentary

Surrogacy in India has made parenthood possible for the thousands of childless couples, who could not afford to rent a womb in the super-expensive medical systems of their own countries. The desire to have a child of our own is natural to humans, but some are restricted by medical issues, age, or other factors, to fulfill this desire. Many individuals see the purpose of their lives in their children, and there are still many who long to see a child of their own.

Surrogacy clinics in India could help such individuals find a way to experience the joys of parenting and get closer to finding contentment in their lives.

The surrogacy documentary below features the different parties—a desirous couple, a surrogate mother, and a surrogacy specialist doctor—involved in an arrangement of surrogacy.

Besides the major cost advantage, the highly-experienced surrogacy surgeons, English-speaking people, and the widely-known healthy habits of Indian surrogates are the chief draws for foreigners seeking surrogate services in India.


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