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Indian Egg Donor for Single Men

An increasing number of single men are looking to fulfill their dream of fatherhood without waiting for their perfect partner. Given the rapid advances in reproductive technology, a viable option is Indian egg donor for single men along with surrogacy. Indian Egg DonorsAny form of assisted reproduction can be prohibitively expensive in the U.S. and Europe while commercial surrogacy is illegal in countries such as Canada and Australia making surrogacy agencies and egg donors in India an increasingly popular choice.

According to a 2010 study done by the Council for Responsible Genetics, “Surrogacy in America”, gestational surrogacy grew 89% between 2004 and 2008. As the demand for egg donors grows, an increasing number of single men are exploring surrogacy agencies in India as a stepping stone to parenthood.

Why Should Single Men Seek Surrogacy in India?

Single men seeking parenthood will need to hire an egg donor and surrogate to give birth to their child. Even though it is almost impossible to get exact statistics about surrogacy in India, assisted reproductive technology (ART) is a rapidly expanding field as indicated by the surging popularity of surrogacy programs in India.

Some of the major advantages for single male surrogacy in India are:

  • Egg donation and surrogacy can cost an arm and a leg in the western countries. But the associated cost of an egg donor in India is much lower. Additionally, cost of surrogacy in India is substantially lower.
  • As per Indian surrogacy laws, commercial surrogacy is legal in the country. This makes it easier for single men seeking surrogacy in India.
  • The leading surrogacy and egg donor agencies in India are operated by doctors who are reproductive medicine specialists. Fluent in English, they will be able to answer any questions raised by single dads on surrogacy in India.
  • Single dads seeking Indian egg donors will find that the reputable surrogacy clinics in India are equipped with the latest ART technology available and follow global hygiene standards.
  • Surrogate mothers in India are stringently screened.
  • Single men seeking egg donation in India have the option of choosing different ethnicities. Indeed, ART doctors in India are proficient at working with non-Indian egg donor profiles as well.
  • With increasing number of ART clinics and hospitals in the country, waiting for egg donors in India is unlikely to be extensive.
  • As you wait for your child to be born, take the time to explore some of the wonders of India. From its throbbing cities and bucolic villages, its vast coastline and soaring mountains, and its historic forts and modern marvels, India is an unending maze of travel surprises.
  • Make sure that you have all your travel requirements in order, including the documents to take your surrogacy child home from India.
  • Exchange your currency for Indian rupees since most businesses operate on cash.
  • Avoid tap water.

Considerations for Surrogacy in India

  • Before opting for surrogacy in India single dads must do their due diligence. Make sure you understand your rights and duties. Read your contract thoroughly. Namaste
  • It is especially important to consider all the legal ramifications of surrogacy. Those seeking surrogacy for single men in India should talk to a trusted lawyer, who understands international surrogacy laws.
  • While most Indian cities are cosmopolitan, dress conservatively to avoid unnecessary attention.
  • Remember to read all travel advisories from the U.S. Department of State and sign up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program to get assistance during an emergency.
  • India’s national language is Hindi. Some common Hindi phrases are: namaste (Hello), kaise hai aap? (How are you?), hum theek hai (I’m fine), dhanyavaad (thank you), chalte hai (good-bye), mai kho gayi (feminine)/gaya (masculine) hoo (I’m lost), ye kitne ka hai? (how much does this cost?), maaf kijiye (excuse me).

Indian egg donors for single men is a good option given the flexible surrogacy laws, advanced ART clinics and low cost procedures in the country.

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