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Indian Surrogacy Doctor discusses Surrogacy Program in India and the world

In this video, leading surrogacy doctor from India hashes out surrogacy program in India. He also talks about surrogacy for gay couples, infertile couples and surrogacy for single men in India.

Surrogacy Program in India – Video Narration

“Basically we will talk only about what are the advantages of a surrogacy program in India. One is the cost. In USA an average surrogacy procedure would cost 200 thousand to 250 thousand US dollars and as compared to India where an entire program would cost not more than 40 thousand US dollars inclusive of travel, hotel stay, legal fees and the whole package. Secondly, India is an English speaking country where most of the medical staff, the paramedical staff, the support staff – all speak English.

So, the clients especially from English speaking country are very comfortable here. Because of the recent economic boom in India you have wonderful health care facilities that are comparable to the best in the world and once you see Dr. LH Hiranandani hospital you could compare it with a modern hospital in New York. And you have the the doctors who have trained abroad and come down and are can be compared to the best in the world.

So when you have all these positives working for you with the biggest advantage being the Indian government has a very simple exit process with minimal paper work for the babies to go back home.

I think with all this you cannot have a more favorable destination than India for surrogacy and all that you need to do is now focusing on the right clinic so that you have a very smooth process and the exit process is also well thought of and is well oiled mechanism. And I am sure that if you are coming in through a medical tourism company they have huge experience working with us for three years and they can help your hand hold through the process.”

Surrogacy opens an option for the infertile couples, gay couples and single parents, to be parents, that too at an affordable cost. Attractions like low-cost egg donors, internationally trained doctors, cutting edge technology at surrogacy clinics and low cost of surrogate mothers in India, draw people from different parts of the world visit India for their dream to come true. Not only this, the surrogacy clinic staff is also well versed with english language, so there is no communication gap.

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