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Indian Surrogate Mother – New Delhi India

In this video, an Indian surrogate shares her surrogacy experience. She also discusses how surrogacy compensation helped her. At the same time she was able to help a couple overcome the challenge of infertility. It is also known as “gestational surrogacy” or “commercial surrogacy,” where a woman is paid by a couple to give birth to their child. Commercial surrogacy is a ray of hope for those who are unable to have a child due to some biological reasons.

Following is the video narration.

“I came to know about surrogacy from my friend. I visited the hospital with my husband and met doctors here. They gave me all information about surrogacy. I liked it very much. Then I visited the hospital with my husband and met doctors again. They guided us a lot.

My husband and family supported me and gave permission to go ahead if I like it. I underwent blood tests, ultrasound and signed few forms as a part of the procedure and had continuous sessions with a psychologist in the hospital.

Doctors were very caring. I opted for it to help the childless couple and also have some savings for my daughter’s future. I was provided a lawyer as well who explained me everything properly. I am very happy after helping the couple and would want everyone including my sister to experience it without a second thought.”

Indian surrogate mother discusses why she opted for surrogacy. She also talks about her family support, care by doctors and the hospital staff.

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