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Surrogacy Contracts, India

A reputed infertility expert from India sheds light on the legal paperwork required before and after availing surrogacy services in India. Surrogacy Clinics can offer assistance regarding all aspects of surrogacy in India.

As per Indian law, traditional surrogacy is forbidden. However, gestational surrogacy is fulfilling the dreams of many childless couples, single people and gay couples in India.


Following is the video narration:

“Will the surrogacy contract be under Indian law or my country’s law?

“This contract is notarized by, under the purview of the India law, and it’s relevant to India.

All the legal paperwork that you will have to do once you reach back home can be done according to own country’s laws, with guidance from your own lawyers in your own country.”

Commercial surrogacy in India is legal and it is easy to find surrogate mothers over here. High quality surrogacy centers and low cost of surrogacy in India is bringing in a lot of international patients over here. However, the low cost does not mean that you have to compromise on  quality.

The general health of the surrogate and her background are thoroughly checked before hiring her. According to the Indian law, It is essential for the child to be biologically related to either of the parents. Moreover the intended parents must precisely be sure about the surrogacy law in their country, to avoid any exigencies arising later.

You may avail high-quality surrogacy services in Surrogacy Clinics’ network clinic in Mumbai.

For more information on surrogacy in India, fill and submit the estimate-request form on the right.

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