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Surrogacy Cost in India

Because of the high costs of surrogacy services in countries like US and Canada, many people are seeking the services of Indian surrogate mothers as surrogacy cost in India is far lesser as compared to that in the west. It can be up to 50% cheaper than in first world countries. Surrogacy in India

For people who are trying to take a step towards their dream of starting a family, the huge savings are a big draw. Indian surrogacy clinics boast of clientele from all continents, as people from all parts of the world flock to this Asian country to have a chance to have their own child with a little help from science.

Reasons for the Low Cost of Surrogacy India

The greatest thing about surrogacy in India is that the affordability does not mean sacrificing the quality. Indian surrogacy experts are well-qualified, and sought-after by many international patients. Their success rate is at par with the best clinics in the world, and they work in state-of-the art facilities designed to cater to the health and safety of the baby and the surrogate mother.

  • The reason why they are able to offer these services for such low price is that India has relatively low cost of living. This fact is also evident by the way tourists find hotel accommodations, transportation costs, and other trip essentials to be very cheap compared to other countries.  In addition to this, surrogate pregnancy cost in India is very low as compared to that in western countries.
  • Another reason for low cost of surrogacy in India is that the overall healthcare costs are significantly lesser. All those tests, medical reports, etc. that keep eating the clients’ money from time to time, are Indiaactually much cheaper in India. So you can timely check the health of the surrogate and the baby without having to worry much about the costs involved.
  • Individuals and couples looking for low-cost surrogates in India can ask for the cost of surrogacy India  package that includes all the different steps in the process, and do not require the client to spend for each little step separately.
  • Surrogacy packages may include doctors’ fee, legal fees, surrogate’s fee,  medical tests and work up procedures, pregnancy care, delivery costs, and IVF procedure fees. The costs would of course differ according to the particular needs of the intended parents, and the details of the steps are normally discussed before embarking on this journey.

How to find about India Surrogacy Costs?

If you have decided to bring a new life to this world via surrogacy in India, you must be curious to find out about surrogate costs in India.

You must conduct a thorough research and find out about the best surrogacy agencies in India that cannot only provide you all information about the surrogacy procedure, its types, and surrogacy cost in India, but also help you get it at the lowest prices without making any compromise int he quality or service. facilitates low cost surrogacy at different locations in India. For more details, fill out the quote request form on the right.


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