Surrogacy for Single Males in India

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For males who desire to become single parents, single men surrogacy is the answer. This newest option of surrogacy for single men and surrogacy for gay men in India, makes it possible for them to become parents without being in a relationship with women.

Single Men Surrogacy in India – Video Narration

“Yes we have helped dozens of such single men. All you need to do is opt for a donor egg IVF surrogacy program, and we will handhold you through the process. You can write to us, and you will be surprised at how simplified the whole process is. And we will guide you, handhold you through the process and fulfill your dream of becoming a father.”
In single men surrogacy, an egg donor is required. The egg donor selection in India also allows one to have a look at the Non-Indian egg donor profiles available with the egg donor agencies. If one desires, can bring the egg donor from the home country also. However, according to the A.R.T law of India, sex determination of the child during pregnancy is a punishable act.

Affordable cost of single men surrogacy is the primary reason why individuals from many countries fly to India.
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