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Surrogacy in Armenia

The number of births resulting from surrogacy in Armenia is steadily increasing. Local couples having difficulties getting pregnant, and singles wanting to have a child of their own, have turned to surrogacy for help. International patients for surrogacy have also joined in on the trend, as Armenia surrogacy costs are much lower compared to those in the US and the UK.



About Armenia

  • Officially called the Republic of Armenia
  • It is a Eurasian country, as it sits right between Western Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Yerevan is the country’s capital, other big cities (by population) are Gyumri, Vanadzor, and Vagharshapat
  • It is one of current fast developing countries, with international funding granted by many organizations like International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to capitalize on its growing industries

In the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal’s Index of Economic Freedom for 2010 ranks Armenia as the 36th in the world, way ahead of bigger European countries like France, Italy, and Greece. This ranking is based on ten factors that include business, trade, fiscal, monetary, investment, financial, and labor freedoms, as well as government spending, property rights, and freedom from corruption indexes.

Surrogate Mothers in Armenia

Armenian surrogate mothers affiliated to the best surrogacy clinics:

  • Are between 18 to 35 years old (childbearing age)
  • Undergo months of psychiatric and medical tests for screening
  • Sign contracts signing over all rights to the baby she is carrying
  • Take all steps necessary to promote a healthy pregnancy
  • Avoid risky activities that can pose threats to the baby’s welfare and safety

Armenia Surrogacy Laws

Some points of the surrogacy laws in Armenia:

  • The Armenia Reproductive Rights Law regulates the surrogacy process, both for local parents and international clientele
  • Detailed contracts between parties are required to avoid future problems
  • Contracts with surrogate mothers provide for the child to be transferred immediately to the client parents upon birth

monastery-khor-virap-armenia republic-square-in-yerevan

Advantages of Armenia Surrogacy

The advantages of acquiring surrogacy services in Armenia are many:

  • Low costs for excellent quality procedures
  • Embryologists and other surrogacy experts are now very experienced in dealing with international clients
  • Armenian surrogate mothers are screened extremely well and monitored constantly throughout the pregnancy

Surrogacy laws protect the intended parents’ rights to the baby, posing no perceived difficulties when it is time to process documents to bring home their child – a huge reason why surrogacy in Armenia is widely sought after by international tourists interested in having their own baby.

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