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Surrogacy in Bangalore, India

Surrogacy in Bangalore, India is an attractive option for individuals and couples looking to have a baby. It is not only because of the low cost of surrogacy in India, but because of its easy accessibility and surrogacy-friendly laws in India. Boasting a success rate as high as 60 percent and employing many doctors who have been trained internationally, Karnataka is a place prospective parents are flocking to.

About Surrogacy in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

  • Surrogacy agencies in Karnataka are accustomed to caring for clients from across the globe that come with the interest of starting a family.Baby born through Surrogacy in Bangalore
  • The surrogacy procedure in Karnataka is approximately half the cost as in the US and the UK. Intended parents must schedule payment plans to ensure the low cost of surrogacy.
  • Surrogacy in India has high success rate because doctors can implant a surrogate mother with up to five viable embryos, in contrast to many European countries where the limit is a single embryo.
  • A child born to a surrogate mother in Karnataka will have a birth certificate only listing the names of the commissioning parent(s).

About Selection of Surrogate Mothers in Karnataka

  • To ensure that surrogate mothers in Karnataka are healthy and well equipped to handle their task, only women who are married and have had children in the past are allowed to become surrogate mothers.
  • Surrogate mothers are screened, taking into account any relevant medical history and infectious diseases.
  • In addition, screening is done before and during the procedure to remove anyone with addiction problems such as smoking, drugs, and drinking.
  • Due to the popularity of surrogacy tourism in Bangalore, India, medical facilities are able to maintain a large roster of healthy, screened surrogate mothers local to Karnataka.
  • Surrogacy clinics ensure that the surrogate mother is well taken care of throughout the procedure, including receiving health and nutritional care.

Traveling to Bangalore for Surrogacy

To complete the surrogacy procedure, intending parents will need to make two trips to Bangalore, India; once, to initiate the process and again at the end of the procedure to pick up their child. Surrogacy tourism in Bangalore, India is made easier by the low cost of surrogacy, mitigating the cost of travel, and also by the local medical professionals, who are attentive to detail and dedicated to remaining in contact throughout the procedure so that distance never becomes an issue.

To better prepare yourself for travel to Bangalore, India, there are a few things you should know:

  • The Bangalore Airport acts as the central airport in Karnataka, making it very connected with the rest of India.
  • Bangalore was rated the third best city in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel, 2012. Bangalore Palace
  • Your main means of travel around Karnataka will be by road or rail.
  • The climate in Bangalore is temperate and so you should be comfortable whether you’ll be traveling in the winter or summer; however, you may want to plan to avoid the rain season from June to August.
  • While Kannada is the official language on Bangalore, most people speak English as well.

Surrogacy in Bangalore, India, presents an excellent opportunity for anyone wanting to start a family. Surrogate mothers in Karnataka are well looked after, screened regularly, and eager to help. The clinics provide health-care professionals with excellent training, modern convenience, and a reliable, affordable way to plan your future so you won’t have to worry while making your dream come true.

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