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Surrogacy in India

Thousands of people around the world send inquiries and letters of interest to Indian surrogacy clinics each year. They are starting to realize that not being able to get pregnant does not always mean the chance of having your own baby is zero.

Some men and women have reproductive system issues, some LGBT couples need a woman’sEthnic Women going for the water in well on the desert egg, or a man’s sperm and a uterus to carry the fertilized ovum – so why not have someone else carry the baby for you? Seeking the help of surrogacy agencies in India, which regularly deal with clients from all around the globe, should help make the process easier for you.

Granted, many clinics at different places in the world are offering this today. However, the cost of surrogacy in India is a lot less than other places, especially the West. The fee can go as low as 30% of its value in the Western countries and people are getting more comfortable going to South Asia for this procedure.

About Surrogacy Clinics in India

High quality surrogacy centres and easy availability of surrogate mothers in India are also big reasons for many people to choose India for surrogacy. Low cost of surrogacy in India does not mean you would have to compromise on the quality. Besides good numbers of international patients, surrogacy centres in India boast of impressive success rates that rival those of the best surrogacy clinics in the world.

Many doctors here are trained internationally, and they regularly get updates from fellow surrogacy practitioners in other parts of the world. Bangalore Palace

3 ‘Hidden’ Joys of Surrogacy in India

Adrienne Arieff’s account of surrogacy in India—The Sacred Thread: A True Story of Becoming a Mother and Finding a Family — Half a World Away— is a heart warming story of happy endings. Happy endings because after three traumatic miscarriages—one pretty close at twenty months—Arieff took home not one but twin bundles of joy – beautiful daughters named Emma and India.

In Arieff’s case, the journey to motherhood was nothing short of a pilgrimage requiring her to overcome the trauma of never being able to conceive again and to take a leap of faith by putting it in a surrogacy clinic in India. However, what we’re about to find out about gestational surrogacy in India is that besides the obvious joy of becoming a parent, there are some ‘hidden’ joys as well.

    • The Joy of Uplifting Many Lives

Sunset in GoaArieff’s surrogate, Vaina, always dreamed of a good life for her family. But here in India, it’s not that easy to live those dreams. With a little financial help from Arieff, Vaina has finally managed to cross the economic barrier that came between her and a good life like a cruel gatekeeper. Vaina’s husband now runs a profitable transport business, her children go to school, and she has saved enough for the rainy day. Like true symbiotic species, Vaina and Arieff were destined to bail each other out.
So when you’re choosing India for surrogacy, a surrogate mother in India is always praying for your family for her daily bread.

    • You don’t have to break the bank to bear the cost of Surrogacy in India

The stories of surrogates having a change of heart and keeping the children worried Arieff a lot. These stories were pretty common in the West. Let alone surrogacy in India, she was determined not to go the surrogacy way. She says –“I never thought I’d do surrogacy in India – or surrogacy.”

But who could say that destiny would have her gravitating towards this dot on the globe where a can of Coca Cola was a luxury, eight years ago. While cost of surrogacy in India was insignificant for this swashbuckling PR honcho from San Francisco, it nevertheless delighted Arieff.

The cost of ivf surrogacy in India is merely a third or even lesser than what is normally charged in the United States.

Another proud parent of twins, Lisa Switzer from San Antonio articulates – “Doctors, lawyers, accountants, they can afford it, but the rest of us—the teachers, the nurses, the secretaries—we can’t,” Of course, she adds, “Unless we go to India.”

    • Commercial surrogacy in India is legitimate

Every year, India is cradles about 25,000 children through surrogates. The surrogacy law, though requiring a thorough haul up in areas of surrogate protection, is far more comprehensive than laws in countries like the United States and Australia, where they vary from state to state. Indian Classical Female Dancers

Arieff thinks, when compared to the west, the law structure is relatively smooth leaving a few rough edges. She says, “In India, by contrast, the applicable laws were written at a national level, the paperwork more straightforward, and the results far more predicable in practice.”

Should you choose to go for surrogacy in India, who knows you could end up authoring your destiny? À la Arieff.

Possible Challenges

The location itself may be the hardest one to overcome, especially for clients coming from North America and Europe. The monitoring of the surrogate and the baby’s condition are addressed however, by the surrogacy clinics’ efforts in constantly updating the parents about their situation throughout the process.

The parents are required to travel to India twice: during the start of the process and at the end to pick up the baby. Another challenge is the processing of documents in order to bring the baby home to their country. To help clients, the clinics also provide necessary papers and documents as proof that the baby is yours, and usually go an extra mile to provide all other assistance with this process.

As with any other option, there are some challenges one might encounter when opting for surrogacy in India. However, the clients usually decide that considering the extra low costs, state-of-the art facilities, and the high quality of the work, the problems encountered with India surrogacy are easily outweighed by the advantages.


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