Surrogacy in USA

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According to The Organization of Parents through Surrogacy, since 1976 there have been around 25 thousand births through surrogacy in the United States. People considering surrogacy are couples who cannot conceive, also gay couples, and even single men and women, who – without the recent advancement in science – may never have had the chance to become parents.

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Cost of Surrogacy in the US

Surrogacy procedure in the US is expensive, but many average-income earning couples find it is worth spending money they have saved for several years in order to know the feeling of holding their own child. Thankfully, as years go by the costs seem to go down as many competing surrogacy clinics try to offer lower costing packages to attract more clients.

US Laws on Surrogacy

US surrogacy laws differ per state, so it is advised to seek legal counsel before deciding to go on this journey. Lawyers will also be able to help in drafting the right contracts that are usually signed by the family and the surrogate in order to protect their rights in the arrangement.

US Surrogate Mothers

In the US, surrogate mothers range from women intended parents personally know, women recommended by surrogacy clinics, and sometimes women who advertise online their willingness to become surrogate mothers. Considering that a surrogate mother has to eventually give up the baby she grew in her own womb, it is surprising how many women actually volunteer to be part of this procedure.

Many of US surrogate mothers say that the money is the foremost reason for doing it; they can be paid up to $30,000 for being a surrogate mother, with medical fees and other related costs of the surrogacy procedure, pregnancy, and birth shouldered by the intended parents. Some, like Jen Betts as featured in a USA Today article about a gay surrogacy case in America, insist their motivation is more than the money; it is having the opportunity to help other people experience the joy of becoming parents.

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Advantages of Surrogacy in the US

Proximity is one of the biggest reasons why people go for surrogacy in the US against lower surrogacy fees in other countries. The added comfort of knowing that the surrogate and the baby are very accessible, at most through a short plane ride, is very attractive. Apart from this, if any difficulty  arise during the process, preferred doctors and hospitals are available to help out. Surrogacy in the US may cost a lot, but for US citizens who can afford it, the procedure can be the most comfortable and least stressful journey to take, right in your own homeland.


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