Surrogate Mothers in India

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The services of surrogate mothers in India have been helping many childless couples, single people, and gay couples to have the chance of becoming parents. The demand for gestational surrogacy in India is rising as more and more people from different parts of the world travel here, hoping to get new additions in their family.

Experts in India have worked with many couples from around the globe in recent years, and they make all efforts to see that the India surrogacy journey is a pleasant experience for their clients. Their strict surrogate selection process and excellent healthcare during the pregnancy stage make an Indian surrogate mother an excellent choice to carry a baby.

Indian Surrogate Selection Process

Surrogate moms in India are selected very rigidly; the screening includes factors like: Surrogate Mother India

- Age

- Pregnancy history

- Over-all health history

- Personal background

Several tests are also conducted by doctors and laboratory technicians in order to determine their suitability. Tests include:

- Physical and medical examinations

- Psychological and psychiatric tests

- Screening of STDs and infectious diseases

Indian Surrogate Mother and her Pregnancy

By choosing a quality surrogacy clinic, you can expect the surrogate moms in India to be exposed only to clean and safe surroundings and receive excellent quality of care during pregnancy. Some ways by which this is done are:

  • Housing that includes regular servings of healthy foods
  • Vitamin and healthy supplements
  • Consistent psychiatric evaluations to ensure good mental health
  • Regular medical and pregnancy checks with an obstetrician
  • Ultrasound and Doppler tests at scheduled times
  • Amniotic tests during the late stages of pregnancy

All surrogate pregnancies are treated as high-risk, so surrogate mothers in India always receive a strict stream of healthcare procedures.

Surrogate Mother India – Cost

The huge savings that one can make by opting to go to India for surrogacy are worth noting.  Surrogacy cost in India can be as much as 75% less than what it is in US. Considering the high success rates and notable cost advantages, surrogacy in India is a steal for most couples from the US and other western countries. The reason for the huge difference is the low cost of living in India that makes all surrogacy steps cost less. Surrogacy Agency India

Choosing Surrogate Mums in India

Most surrogate agencies should be able to provide you with a database of ladies, who are willing to rent their womb. Many Indian women refrain from drinking and smoking; you can question the surrogate in advance to find out if she has any habit that you may not like.

With the help of the right surrogacy clinic you can ensure that your Indian surrogate mother is screened extremely well, and that regular checkups and other medical procedures are carried out for her and her baby’s excellent health.

If you have decided to embark on a new journey with the help of surrogate mothers in India, you must make an effort to find out all about your chose surrogate agency and the lady who is going to carry your child in her womb.


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