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Non-Indian Egg Donor Profiles – India Surrogacy Doctor Interview

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In this video, the doctor explains if the couple can bring an egg donor of their own ethnicity (which is called Non-Indian egg donor profile) with them for IVF in India.

Following is the video narration.

“Definitely, you can bring an egg donor with you. In fact, we have had a lot of overseas patients who get their sisters, cousins or close childhood friends to act as egg donors in their cycles and we can coordinate their entire workup and beginning the first part of their stimulation over internet or telephone so that they spend as little time as possible in India.”

The surrogacy doctor states that he had lots of patients from abroad who got their relatives to act as egg donors for them. Communication over the internet or telephone plays a major role in allowing those couples to stay for the maximum time in their home country. So the doctor allows the couples to bring their own surrogate to India.

Low cost of egg donors in India and quality treatment are the major factors which draw people from different countries for surrogacy in India.

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Effect on India Surrogacy Cost if a Couple gets their own Egg Donor

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In this video, leading surrogacy doctor from India discusses how the surrogacy cuts down when a couple get their own egg donor.

Video Narration

“Yes, that’s correct; you will not be charged the egg donor’s compensation. You will only be charged for in-vitro fertilization, laboratory fee and rupees 25000 fee for monitoring the third party as per the clinic norms.”

The surrogacy doctor explains that if the couple brings their own egg donor, they won’t be charged any egg donor cost.  The couple will only be charged for laboratory fee, IVF fertilization fee  and third party monitoring fee.

Due to affordable cost of egg donors in India, cutting edge technology at surrogacy clinics and internationally trained doctors, it has become a favorite destination of many throughout the world for surrogacy.

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