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IVF Treatment Cost in India

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The affordable IVF treatment cost in India has given a lot of hope to infertile couples who cannot foot exorbitant bills of this fertility treatment in their own countries. The low cost of IVF in India, coupled with the state-of-the-art medical facilities that make use of the same technology and equipment as used in developed countries makes India a hotspot for IVF treatment for medial tourists from all over the world. Besides IVF, surrogacy in India too is popular with the medical tourists. IVF Treatment Cost in India


Popularity of IVF Treatments

  • According to the report Fertility Treatment in 2010 – Trends and Figures released by Human fertilization Embryology Authority (HFEA), UK, nearly 2% the babies born in the UK ┬áin 2009 were conceived through IVF treatment. In the year 2010, approximately 45,264 women in the UK alone received the IVF treatment in clinics licensed by the HFEA.
  • Further, statistics compiled by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in the US show that between 1998 and 2007 at least 57,000 babies were conceived by IVF.
  • These figures show that more and more infertile couples are opting for IVF treatment.
  • Also, in the light of sky rocketing healthcare costs in the US and the UK, there is a need to look for affordable IVF treatments and surrogacy in India and a host of other countries that have positioned themselves as top value-for-money healthcare destinations.

India IVF – Cost and Other Advnatages

Low cost of IVF in India has made the country a lucrative destination for infertile couples, who cannot afford the whopping costs of the fertility treatment in their own countries. Here are some of the other reasons, besides low test tube baby cost in India, that have made the South Asian country a popular location for IVF treatment:

  • Availability of fertility specialists in India who apply the same technology and equipment for IVF treatment as used in the developed nations.
  • India boasts of an advanced infrastructure and an excellent healthcare system comparable to the health systems of the most developed nations of the world.
  • IVF and surrogacy clinics in India have no waiting list. Surrogacy Clinic - India
  • English is the official language of India, making it easier for offshore patients to converse freely with the medical staff.
  • Affordable in vitro fertilization treatment is available in most of the major cities of India. IVF cost in Delhi, for example, is only a fraction of the cost of the treatment in developed countries of the world.
  • If the medical tourists decide to opt for a gestational surrogacy, it is easier and more affordable to hire a surrogate mother in India for IVF surrogacy.


IVF Treatment in India – Things to Consider

Cheaper prices, advanced medical care and availability of surrogate mothers and egg donors in India make it a popular destination for IVF treatment and other related surrogacy services for medical tourists. Here are a few things, however, that every medical tourist needs to consider before coming to India to avail the low cost IVF treatment in Mumbai, Chennai and other major cities of India:

  • Get all the information you can from discussion forums on the net.
  • Have a pre consultation session with your fertility specialist doctor in India and procure the necessary testimonials from her or him.
  • If you opt for an IVF surrogacy, get familiar with the legal procedures involved in the surrogacy. Acquaint yourself with the surrogacy laws.
  • Be mentally prepared to stay longer than you planned as the IVF treatment cycles may sometimes take a longer time than discussed in the treatment plan.

IVF treatment cost in India is relatively lower than other countries and it can bring a ray of hope to numerous infertile couples who are unable to avail fertility treatments in their home countries because of the high costs involved. Get in touch with Surrogacy Clinics to get more information on IVF in India.


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