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Use of Breast Milk Pump by Surrogate – Doctor, India

This video shows a renowned surrogacy doctor in India discussing the use of breast milk pump by surrogate in his centre’s surrogacy program. Using breast pump for obtaining the milk

To side-step any possible snag that may arise due to the bondage between surrogate and the baby, the surrogacy program at this doctor’s centre refrains breast milk banking or breast feeding the new-born by the surrogate mother.

Breast milk for the surrogacy child can be obtained from either the hospital’s breast milk bank (if any) or other public human milk banks. It is advised to give formula feeds to the baby only after consultation with a paediatrician.

Following is the video narration.

“As I explained that breast milk banking or breast feeding is absolutely not allowed or recommended in our program.”

This Mumbai based surrogacy centre has seen a rise in the number of international patients like Americans visiting India for surrogacy. Along with the affordable cost, availability of single parent and gay couple surrogacy in India, makes the parental dreams of many childless couples across the world come true.Click here to see the surrogacy in India testimonial of an Atlanta couple, sharing their experience.

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