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Will Surrogacy in India face new Restrictions?

Singles and gay couples from different parts of the world, who sought the joys of parenthood via surrogacy in India, are lurking in doubt after the government decided to tighten the visa norms for such cases.

The rapidly growing surrogacy tourism in India may be affected with the government’s possible ruling, which necessitates surrogacy-seekers to be on a “medical-visa” in India. The visa, they state, will be granted only to heterosexual couples who have been duly married for atleast two years.Surrogacy Norms

The new ruling has left many gays and singles heartbroken, and invited obvious criticism from gay rights campaigners. While some are calling it “restrictive and very discriminatory,” others are questioning the rationale behind such measures.

The “married for atleast two years” clause is also being questioned by many as the doctors argue that a couple who has married later in life—in their late forties or fifties—may not be willing to wait two years before they can start a family.

“It’s totally unfair — not only for gay people but for people who are not married who may have been living together for years and for singles,” Nitin Karani, a gay rights advocate in Mumbai, told AFP.

However, the guidelines have not been officially passed by the parliament yet, and the government hasn’t given any date for the commencement of their application. Commissioning parents, who are in the middle of surrogacy arrangements, are all flustered by this uncertainty.

While many people support the need of a regulation to make the process more organized and to avoid the possible exploitation of the poor, they demand a logical and quick declaration from the home ministry.

Along with others, SurrogacyClinics awaits the declaration of the new surrogacy law by the Indian government, hoping the childless—irrespective of their sexual preferences or marital status—are given a fair chance to embrace the joys of parenthood.